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Dear Susan,

Welcome back. Missed you. Glad you found your way back here. There are
also many that have survived while you have been away. OUr losses, yes
have been very sad for all of us, as it has been for you. Welcome back
dear lady and whenever you wish to write, pls do so. WE are here for

God Bless
marty auslander

> grinders wrote:
> Hi Marty,
> It's Susan Carter from back when. Bob was my husband.
> I lost all email from May 98 to April 99 last week when I tried to
> download that batch after getting going on a new computer this week. I
> had unplugged Bob's computer soon after he died and never plugged it
> in again and then had no way to access my email program to even sign
> off with everyone.
> I had reaccessed my old IPS and old email account and downloaded that
> batch from end of May 98 to present. Then I had to reformat my new
> computer. So any emials to me or including me from around the end of
> May 98 to last week are lost to me. I did manage to get Rich's and
> Bobsomme's and Sally's and Cindy's addresses before my last
> reformating. I rejoined Mol. But all I have access to are the last
> couple days.
> If you could send me your list of addresses it would help me to
> reconnect again. I know we lost many dear ones during this past year.
> Rich tracked me down by phone and he has called me a few times during
> this past year and he made me aware of some of our losses. I am sorry
> for your losses of friends and family. I wonder about Cindy Crowe's
> address, she has not answered my email from a couple days ago. Sally
> has and it was so good to communicate with her.
> But I have no other addresses. I know Jim is one we lost. She has not
> responded to my first email, so I wonder if she has a different
> address if one at all.
> Remember our Austrailian that I think was also named Cindy, I really
> wish to track her down.
> I want to encourage you to keep "out of touch oldies" in you off Mol
> correspondance. As I did, I saw mail from you that would have helped
> me get back up to speed. Before I could copy addresses or communicate
> with you, and get going again, I locked myself out of my email again.
> I had gotten 4 emails sent and joined Mol, so all I have are the
> emails Rich, Bob and Sally wrote me after my first download, so those
> were there when I downloaded the first time to my newly formatted and
> reinstalled system. And of course Mol, once I joined, has me on their
> list, so those new emials are there also from the last 2 days.
> I had written Lillian a long email today, right before this one to you
> and explained some of this plus tons more, you know me, a "short"
> email never seems to come of me, even when short is my intention. All
> I meant to do with you is say "Hi" and "send my your addresses"
> (sounds rude:).
> I'm not going to continue, I'll probably just lose it if I do, so I'll
> stop more and send, then write some more, so I don't lose soooo much
> in one swipe. Maybe I'm not meant to get in touch. I feel pretty
> discouraged at this point. I lot of effort already down the drain with
> losing my start and Lillian's letter today.
> (moment of dicouragement - sorry)
> Wishing you well,
> Susan at grinders@grinders.com
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