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Re: [MOL] The Best Day of My Life

Dear Chris,

For the past five years, I have been blessed to meet many acquaintances
through similar cancer discussion forum and support groups and in
chemotherapy depts who have become long term friends, and we exchange
the most, as you say, profound messages that touch the heart. It is
called, loving therapy. And don't think for one moment that these
friendships don't help in our curing the soul/body/mind. It does indeed
do that. Yes, I have been blessed and the profound messages is a reward
and blessing. Thank you for yours.

God Bless
marty auslander

CCR0417@AOL.COM wrote:
> Marty!
> Where do you GET these things?  Profound and touched my heart with tears, so
> very true.  Thank you for your sweet and kind note about Sandy.  God bless
> you and Barb and I pray He holds you both snugly in His great hands now and
> forever!
> -chris
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