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[MOL] G'day y'all!

My dear friends,
As you can see, I am back from my latest residential school at Bathurst
University. We were kept very busy for the five days we were there, but
I did pass my competancies while there, so that is one less thing to
worry about. whew! This semester we are doing psychiatric nursing,
clinical nursing (IV therapy, etc), body systems and genetics for
science, and of course I have to complete the subject I failed last
semester when Lisa passed on. That means four separate three hour exams
in June, plus three more assignments to write, and a perioperative
poster to design! All this, plus work commitments, running the
household, and the number one priority, Wayne and the kids!
So, guys, if I take awhile to respond to your posts, it is not that I
don't care, just that I have to manage my time very carefully.
Cassie is being assessed next Friday (30th) to see whether she could
attend a normal school next year, or whether she would be better
attending a special ed. one. She is still not talking (she's 4 now), but
she is trying hard, and can now say a few new words. Still only one at a
time though. She also needs therapy for 'pidgeon toes', and may also
need occupational therapy to aid with her fine and gross motor skills.
Matthew is doing well, his burn scars are healing nicely, I am just
praying that he doesn't have a growth spurt in the near future, he has a
very thick ridge of scarring across the front and back of his shoulder
which could restrict his movement if he grows too quickly. He has
outgrown his burn suit, so I need to have him reassessed by the physio
to see if he needs to have a new one fitted, or not.
Dee, I hear that your dad is not doing too well, and I am very sorry for
you all. I do think that you need to get his blood pressure situation
looked at, it may be just a matter of a change in the medications he may
be on. It is not unusual for older people to have quite low blood
pressure, and they actually have pretty good circulation. If he had a
lot of fluid drained, that would bring his pressure down, and if he is
on diuretics (fluid tablets) that will also keep it down. As for what
will happen, I can't predict that my friend, everyone is different, and
none of us is God. All I can say is that you should be there for him as
much as you can, say what you need to, and let him do the same. Tell him
we are thinking of him with much love. Talk to the doctor about his
current situation, and find out what else can be done to help. Please
remember that we are here for you........

Mary, I see that you are at Lil's. What a remarkable woman you are. I
know that life goes on, and that you do what you must, but I think you
are a living legacy to Angelo, and I know that he would be so proud of
the way you are hangin' in there. Mind you, I am also as jealous as
hell! I am absolutely dying to meet all the molers, especially Lil, who
has always been there for me, even when I was offline after losing Lise.
Please remember to take time out for yourself, and know that we love

Nancy, I see that you are fine *grin* staining cupboards? What a woman!
How are your eyes, and your 'ticker'? Do you know how Greg is doing? I
think of him often, and his family, especially sarah and shona. The mol
album looks fabulous, I am duly impressed. The only problem I have, is
that the roses take so long to open in my browser that it times out, and
I can't always access the dedication page. Has anyone else had that
problem, or is it just me and my archaic computer?

My dear Lil,
How are you doing? Getting plenty of rest? Or are you too busy playing
with your new toy? *giggle* 

To all,
I could continue to write to y'all individually, but then this email
would be so long it would take a 'month of Sundays' to read it. Much
love to all,
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