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[MOL] Prayers needed/Dee's Dad

Dear Mol Angel's,

I just talked to my sister in Oklahoma and my dad
is feeling even worse today. He has
been on a 25mg morphine patch since Weds.AM - the
hospice nurse administered it..
My dad's blood pressure has been dropping
continually since he had the ascites (sp)
drained from his liver a week ago this past
Friday. It is now fluctuating between
89 or 91 over 40 plus he has been nauseated... He
has lost another five pounds in five

Please say many prayers for my dad and my family -
this is a very difficult and sad time
for all of us. My dad is still not ready to leave
mom or his family and we don't want to lose
him but we don't want him to suffer either... 
God's will be done at this point - I am numb !
I keep praying for a miracle; the fight has gone
out of me but I won't give up hope!

Does anyone have any idea of how this will
progress after telling you the status of my dad
now? Be truthful - nothing can make me feel any
worse, or my family, than we do already!
Truth will help me be strong for what lays ahead!

Please pray for my dear sweet dad - he, and none
of us, deserve this evil disease!

Thanks to all of you - you are my support group -
I need you!
Love, Hugs, and Prayers

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