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[MOL] Febreze

I use this carpet cleaner in my ferret cages all the time!
There have been multiple instances of dogs and birds who have
  died or became very ill after being exposed to Febreze, a
deodorizer/air freshener.
  Febreze contains zinc chloride, which is very dangerous for animals.

    Please do not use Febreze anywhere near your pets! If you have
  used it  near your pets or on their bedding, clean the bedding/area
thoroughly to remove the Febreze, and move the animals away from the
       Please pass this information on to other pet owners/caretakers,
before more animals are injured or killed, and find a safer method of
odor control.
      Febreze: This product is marketed as something that removes odors
  without covering them up. However, there is a strong smell to it, but
worse than that, Febreze contains zinc chloride. Many birds have
  been killed after this product was used in any proximity to them
  whatsoever,and> some dogs have also died. Other dogs have become ill
without dying.
  This product is marketed as safe around animals, and people have
sprayed their dogs' bedding to remove the doggy smell, only to discover

later on that their> dog became deathly ill from it. There is one dog
who lost most of her hair after being accidentally sprayed with some
Febreze, though this particular incident also had a second factor
involved (diet change).The Febreze bottle, as of December, 1998, has a
picture on the back of a dog, which leads some people to believe it's
safe to use in their bedding.
       Please pass this on to your pet-loving friends.