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[MOL] breast implants


I have undergone a lumpectomy and lymphectomy in June of 98.  I also
underwent 6 weeks of radiation therapy and fortunatly It did not seem
benifical for me to undergo chemotherapy.  I am currently on Tomoxefin
and seem to be doing well on it. I had a complete hysterectomy 4 years
ago and I believe taking estrogen therapy everyday was a big deciding
factor for my body to trigger breast cancer.  I do realize however
through some research of my own that there are many things that set you
up for breast cancer. I have underwent 2 cystectomies in November of 98
also.  To say the least this was very traumatic for my family, and for
me to discover more lumps.  Fortunatly they were benign.  I have
Fibromyalgia, and this agrevates my fibrotic breasts.  Please understand
that I am not complaining for I feel lucky so far, but! I had another
scare 2 weeks ago and it turned out to be scar tissue from the
cystectomies.  So 3 scares in 10 months has taken it's toll on my
emotions as well as my families.  I have 2 questions to anyone out there
that can give me first hand knowlege rather professional or personal on
the subjests of Tomoxifen and breast removal to prevent further cancer. 
I seem to have very brittle hair now and skin since going on tomoxifen
is anyone else experiencing these side effects?  Also I would like to
hear from any women that had her breasts removed as a cancer prevention,
and had implants put in.  I have an Aunt who died from breast cancer and
one that has survied 25 years.  The one who survived had implants put in
and had trouble with scar tissue and pain.  The result of the scar
tissue being the cause of her implants to collapse.  I have almost no
scar tissue on the breast that had the lumpectomy, and a massive amount
just since November on the opposite breast that had the cystectomy.  I
had a very excellent surgeon who performed both surgeries and I have
complete faith in him.  It seems to be a mystery  as to why I had two
totaly different reactions in my breasts.  I do realize that this would
be a huge decision for me to have my breasts removed and put implants
in.  I have no way to get the opinion of any women on the subject that
have actually done it and can give me the pros, and cons.  I need to
have alot of info before I can make an informed decision. 

I am 46 years old for general knowlege, and our family remains young for
our ages.  That is why I am wondering about the Tomoxifen and if it
could be causing my brittle hair and thinning.  

Thank you to anyone out there that can give me some first hand info.

Kat Luker 

email address is       rvre@cdsnet.net

P.S. a very good book for all women to read is  Dr. Bob Arnot's  Breast
cancer prevention diet.  My onocologist recommended it and it is very
informative and eye opening. Should be given to all young girls with
breast cancer in their family, and used as a handbook.
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