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[MOL] cancer treatment with essiac tea and hydrazine sulphate

Essiac tea is available at many local health stores in Canada. It was developed by a Mrs. Caisse (Essiak spelled backwards) in the '30's. She was working with native people and apparently was curing many cancer victims. I have been giving this remedy, along with hydrazine sulphate, to my wife who is suffering from bowl and liver cancer. She also has had one dose of chemotherapy and is due for her second 5 day treatment in one week. The Doctors and nurses working with her are surprized to see that her liver has shrunk and the tumours in her rectum are also causing her no pain and seem to have shrunk also. I don't know if this is helping but she seems to be improving. Hydrazine sulphate can be obtained thru Great Lakes Distributors or Dr. J. Gold at the Syracuse Cancer Institute. Good luck
Keith Wallace
Burlington., Ontario Canada