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In a message dated 4/14/99 9:46:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 

> Every day I TRY to pray for God's will to be 
>  done, but then I always add "but Lord, please do it my way." It's so hard 
>  for me to totally hand this over to Him. I'm working on it.
That was the hard part for me too (and still is sometimes).  At first I 
pleaded and bargained and threatened God!  But I came to understand that all 
our days are numbered, not just my Dad's.  And I came to trust that whatever 
the number of days He has assigned my Dad will be fulfilled.  Most important 
is that those days are filled with hope, faith, love, and happiness.  I ask 
the Lord to bless that time and make it fulfilling for all concerned.  To 
make every moment count, to make every day, every hour, every minute ENOUGH; 
and indeed, only He knows what enough is.

I will keep in touch Linda as I think we have much to share.
God bless.
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