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[MOL] A friend told me..........

To whoever this may concern,

A friend told me that I can email you here. I have recently been diagnosed
with a lymphoma. I was told that you can get some co-cancerer's to give me a
list of the various treatments that are available. I don't have any more
information that I can give you at this time. I am suppossed to see an
Oncologist in about a week, who can hopefully give us a better feel for what
kind of lymphoma we are dealing with, as well as any other questions I might
have at that time.

The only thing I know is the doctors found a tumor the size of a fist that
is lodged between my left kidney and spinal cord. It also seems to be
pressing against the back wall of my intestines. As to the source of this
thing, that still remains a mystery. It is unclear where this thing is
attaching itself to.

I seem to get pain mostly in my lower left abdomin, my left hip, and lower
left back. My appetite is still pretty good. I can still eat pretty large

Any insight for different treatments you can let me in on, would be greatly
appreciated. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

Ron Stenzler
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