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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hello to Everyone,

Today my "thoughts for today" come in the form of a poem (sorry, I don't
know who the author is).

                Measure your life by the
                  joys that it brings
                  Not by the years.
                Measure it, too, by the
                  smiles and the songs,
                  Not by the tears.
                Measure your wealth by 
                  your friends and their love,
                  You'll find that your
                  measure is true.
                And you'll be rich in the
                  things that count
                  Through the years
                  ahead of you.

When we use those things as our measuring stick to determine the value
of our life, we can see that each and every one of us has value and 
wealth.  It's all in our perspective, and it is our perspective that
will either give us peace and serenity, or unrest and discontentment.
Once again, we all have the choice!

God bless,
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