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RE: [MOL] Tip Of The Day-Chuckle

Title: RE: [MOL] Tip Of The Day-Chuckle

Dear Marty:  I use ice cubes.  The fat sticks to them and you just take them out.  Kathy

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Just got a chuckle out of this message from a friend

TIP O' THE DAY .  .  .  From the Swap
Subject: Defatting broth

When Ronnie wrote and asked for tips on how to get the fat out of
home made soups, stews and broths, without having to chill it,
she wanted something fast. Lupe replied that she uses paper towels
to soak up the fat on top. And Natalie responded that she uses a
turkey baster - her husband calls this

God Bless and have a great day
marty auslander
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