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[MOL] Ward of Caution for Those with lung malignancies

Thought the following may be of some benefit. there are usually cross
checks for most malignancies, so you may be well advised to ask your
Oncologist what additional testing there is besides chest x-rays. Just a
suggestion. The following will explain what I mean

Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Lesions Missed On Chest Radiograph In
19% Of Cases

WESTPORT, Mar 25 (Reuters Health) - The 19% miss rate for non-
small cell lung cancer on chest radiograph is unlikely to
improve, but nevertheless has important implications for patient
prognosis, according to researchers in the Netherlands.  Dr.
Lorentz G. B. A. Quekel, of Atrium Medical Center in Heerlen, and
a multicenter Dutch team examined the miss rate and its
correlates among 396 patients who presented to the center with
non-small cell lung cancer between 1992 and 1995.

God Bless
marty auslander
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