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Hi Chris,
I hope you are feeling a little better and able to be easier on yourself, I 
worry about you beating up on yourself like this.  I know how hard it is and 
how helpless you feel dealing with this awful cancer thing.  I really feel 
for you cause you want to help where you can and don't like his Doctor.  This 
is tough on you, I wished I could help more.  I have some of the same 
problems with Don, not the Doctors in his case, they are all wonderful.  Don 
refuses to go to the radiation Doctor for his checkup cause he doesn't think 
he needs to, and I can't get it through is head that he didn't feel the 
cancer the first time and that the Doctors can tell just by pushing and 
pressing here and there.  I explain to him and then he has to make the 
choices, I can't make them for him, as much as I would love to.  After all 
this is his journey, even if it is a Doctor he likes and I don't.  You see 
what I am trying to say.
besides that men are generally so bull headed, and yet normally the biggest 
puppys when it comes to pain.  Us women just have to keep plugging away, 
Love ya,

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 > Just what are your Dad's symptoms?  When Don was on Chemo and then 
 radiation,  he had trouble with his eyes, headackes, weak in the legs and 
 to be 
 >  pushed in a wheelchair.  
 	Sounds like the same symptoms.
 I don't understand why you are so hung up on him having an MRI.  Our Doctor 
 said that the cat-scan shows cancer better.  You sure are keeping yourself 
 worked up about this, and this in not good for you or your family, 
 	I am NOT hung up about it, but I read somewhere that MRIs work and 
 Catscans don't when searching for brain tumors.  I sense that not all is 
 with my Dad; I see things I don't feel comfortable with and since he has an 
 uncooperative, do-it-my-way doctor, that doesn't exactly reassure me.
 I just hate to see you doing this to yourself.  Take a deep breath and 
 all this mail with information coming your way.
 >  Much love to you, >>

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