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> Just what are your Dad's symptoms?  When Don was on Chemo and then 
radiation,  he had trouble with his eyes, headackes, weak in the legs and had 
to be 
>  pushed in a wheelchair.  
	Sounds like the same symptoms.

I don't understand why you are so hung up on him having an MRI.  Our Doctor 
said that the cat-scan shows cancer better.  You sure are keeping yourself 
worked up about this, and this in not good for you or your family, 
	I am NOT hung up about it, but I read somewhere that MRIs work and 
Catscans don't when searching for brain tumors.  I sense that not all is well 
with my Dad; I see things I don't feel comfortable with and since he has an 
uncooperative, do-it-my-way doctor, that doesn't exactly reassure me.

I just hate to see you doing this to yourself.  Take a deep breath and digest 
all this mail with information coming your way.
>  Much love to you,

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