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Dear Tim:  I've read your posts with interest and some trepidation.  I'm an enthusiast of alternative medicine -- vitamins, supplements, etc., and a good diet, but I honestly can say that chemo IS what save me!!  I was lucky enough to be accepted on a clinical trial and given very aggressive chemotherapy, as well as radiation.  I am confident that had I not had this treatment, I would not be here today.  I believe in conventional treatment IN CONJUNCTION with alternative treatment.  My doctor said, "We're going to make you very very sick before we make you well."  They did, and I am!  A one year sclc survivor -- Kathy in Boise

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Dear Lillian,

Thank you for the information you sent in my reply and your kind words.

For yours or anyone else's information, I have been talking to many people
who have had cancer or still do and have survived.  They all seem to have a
common theme:  chemo is not what has saved them.  They have explored the
world of alternative medicine i.e. Pycogenol and Aloe Vera juice, and
treatments from companies outside the U.S.  One such company is in Canada,
MDM Group that has a  drug that has an astounding success rate with terminal
cancer patients - 41%.  I'm just learning about it myself, but they do have a
website,, and it might be worth checking it out.  I'll keep
everone posted as to my progress.

Thanks again.

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