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Hi Troy:  If I were your friend I would SERIOUSLY check out Staten Island
Hospital for the Prostate Cancer even though he has already had the surgery.
I have 2 people at my job with it.  One is cancer free 5 years and the other
2 years.  They BOTH went to Staten Island.

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> I am new to your website.  Two weeks ago, a very close friend, in
> their early 30s, was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Surgery was
> performed wherein 2 feet of the large intestines was removed, along
> with the appendix.   Although 14 lymph nodes were removed, only 2 that
> were close to the primary tumor were found to be malignant.  In my
> pursuit to acquire as much knowledge as I could about this disease, I
> came across your web-site.  I feel very fortunate that I did.  In the
> few days that I've been reading the E-Mails, I've learned that you are
> very caring and intelligent group of individuals.   During my search,
> I also came across significant amounts of information that made it
> very clear that with respect to treatment, time is of the essence. 
> However, this is not the impression that I'm getting from the doctors.
>  The appointment with the oncologist will not occur for another week. 
> In addition, the HMO communicated that having an oncologist that
> specializes in colon cancer was unnecessary.   It seems to me that the
> health professionals' approach toward's my friend is very nonchalant,
> almost cavlier.   From what I've read, the cancer is in Stage 3 which
> I believe has less than a 50% survival rate.  Is the doctors' approach
> par for the course?  I'd also like to know what my friend can expect
> during this initial consultation and what questions should my friend
> ask?  Any other words of wisdom and advice would be more than
> appreciated.   I want to be armed as best I can, to help my friend as
> much as I can in the fight of their life.  Thanks for sharing.
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