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Re: [MOL] This will make our sweet tooth molers happy!

Hooray! I won't feel so bad now when the Easter Bunny comes this weekend.


At 12:08 PM 31/03/99 -0800, you wrote:
>               NEW YORK--Sweet  news:
>               According to Harvard researchers, a few pieces  of
>               candy every month may make your life  both
>               sweeter and  longer.
>               Chocolate is relatively high in the same  antioxidants
>             "A 41  gram
>               piece of chocolate (roughly 1.5 ounces)  contains
>               about the same amount of (the antioxidant)  phenol
>               as a glass of red wine, and alcohol consumption,  in
>               moderation, lowers the risk of coronary  heart
>             " they explain. Antioxidants also appear  to
>               lower risks of cancer. And research findings  suggest
>               that the phenols found in chocolate may  also
>               enhance the function of the immune  system.
>               British Medical Journal 1998;317.

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