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RE: [MOL] sounding off-Diana

Hi Diana:  I hope you don't mind, but I have a question.  I was wondering
how you know that Rodney probably has cancer in the adrenal gland.  I also
have NSCLC and my bone scan remained the same since 10/97 so Lillian said
the pain in a few of my ribs could be the adrenal gland soo.... I am trying
to find out what I can about that gland.  Hope you don't mind the question.
Your friend June A.

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> dear lillian
> Rodney has cancer in both lungs and brain and probably in the adreanal
> gland.  He won't eat much of anything because he feels stuffed all the
> time.  He's very weak and is on oxygen all the time.  He does'nt want to
> take anymore chemo and no more tests.  I have to respect his wishes. 
> Diana
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> 	Dear Diana: Feeling weak you say?  Dear Heart, caregivers and cancer
> folks are never weak, infact they are very strong people....sorry to hear
> about Rodney and you know I understand.  I do the same as Nancy, if I get
> frustrated I go outside and yell my lungs out and it really works.  What
> chemo is Rodney on?  Have you thought of Statin Is. Hos.?  Are you doing
> complementary meds. in support of traditional?  Pls. e-mail me and get me
> updated friend.  Love you, lillian
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> 		To anyone,
> 		  I need to vent or I will explode.  Rodney went to the
> oncologist  on Monday and his x-ray showed more cancer showing up in his
> other lung now.  He was diognosed in May 98 with nsclc.  He also has mets
> to the brain.  He is so down and so am i.  I feel like I did when we first
> found out he had cancer devastated.  I don't like feeling like I am not in
> control.  At work I am learning a new job and with trying to cope with
> Rodney's illness I just lost it.  I took a few days off work to get myselt
> settled.  It's so much easier to help someone else than it is youself and
> I don't like to feel weak.  Diana
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