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[MOL] Lil & Laurie Poole/Reply

Hi Sis (Lil),
Ok Sis, now that you are back on and have had time to get used to yout puter,
Yep!  Here it comes....It's time to get the chat room active again, OK?  Let
me know what nights you can go with it, I was there tonight and Frank was the
only one that came in.  We will need more volenteers once we get it lively
again, so for now let's get it rolling,  I can tomorrow night, from 8-??pm
est.  no later then 11, that's my latest bed time right now.  Fri. and Sat. I
have out of town company.  Sunday I can do.  Laurie, join in I sent you the
address already.  If you ever need an address, I have them all.
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)
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