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[MOL] Web sites for Laurie Poole, from Nanc

Hi Laurie,
Can you scan a picture of you for our MOL album, or mail it to me, one of your
Dad too;
Nancy Postema
P.O. Box 5088
North Muskegon, MI  49445
E-mail  NLPOST@aol.com

Web site addresses you will want to put in your favorate places...

Mol Photo Album:
My Site:
MOL Chat Room:
 A Cool Site:
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)

In a message dated 3/31/99 10:04:58 PM Eastern Standard Time,
dlpooleparty@mindspring.com writes:

<< Nanc-
  This sound like a very viable alternative!!  I've sent the address to Pop
 to hopefully apply.  Will keep you posted...he has a cousin in NY; that just
 could work out!
 Love Ya Bunches,
 Laurie >>
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