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[MOL] New Drugs

Anybody know about any of these drugs?  Apparently FDA approved in 1998...

Actiq;  Treatment for Cancer Pain; Anesta Corporation; Approved November
Anzemet;  Treatment for the prevention of nausea and vomiting associated
with chemotherapy and surgery; Hoechst Marion Roussel; Approved February
Gemzar;  Treatment for Lung Cancer; Eli Lilly; Approved August 1998
Neupogen;  Treatment for slow white blood cell recovery following
chemotherapy; Amgen; Approval April 1998
Photofrin;  Treatment for early-stage, microinvasive endobronchial non-small
cell lung cancer; QLT
Therapeutics; Approved January 1998
Proleukin;  Treatment for metastatic melanoma; Chiron Corporation; Approved
January 1998
Sclerosol Intrapleural Aerosol;  Treatment for malignant pleural effusions;
Bryan Corporation; Approved January 1998
Zofran;  Treatment for postoperative vomiting and nausea in adults; Glaxo
Wellcome; Approved April 1998


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