[MOL] This will make our sweet tooth molers happy! [01762] Medicine On Line

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[MOL] This will make our sweet tooth molers happy!

              NEW YORK--Sweet news:
              According to Harvard researchers, a few pieces of
              candy every month may make your life both
              sweeter and longer.

              Chocolate is relatively high in the same antioxidants
              found in red wine, the researchers note. "A 41 gram
              piece of chocolate (roughly 1.5 ounces) contains
              about the same amount of (the antioxidant) phenol
              as a glass of red wine, and alcohol consumption, in
              moderation, lowers the risk of coronary heart
              disease," they explain. Antioxidants also appear to
              lower risks of cancer. And research findings suggest
              that the phenols found in chocolate may also
              enhance the function of the immune system.

              Source:  British Medical Journal 1998;317.