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Re: [MOL] sounding off

	I don't like to feel weak either, but you know what?  We are not in control
and it is not our fault.  I, too, work full-time and have 3 children.  I am
the caregiver and my wonderful husband has cancer.  You and I have a lot in
common, don't we? I understand the devastation and despair.  I usually let
myself feel like that for 1-2 days and then look for someone to kick my butt,
usually here on the forum.  What your feeling is appropriate and OK, just
don't let it consume you.  You don't need that and neither does Rodney.  That
sick feeling in the pit of your stomach will go away in a couple days, then
get "tough" , and figure out what the next step is.  I'm here for you if you
need to talk (330) 483-3717    Meanwhile, I will pray for you and your family.
Love, Nisi
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