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[MOL] RE: UPdate on Greg....

Title: RE: UPdate on Greg....

Oh, Nanc:  This morning has been such an emotional one for me -- reading Mary's post about Angelo's funeral, and reading your conversation with Greg.  You are so kind and generous.  I could just feel the love going from you to Greg!  It made me cry to read the way you're sending your lamps out as "The Light of Life."  That's what it means to me --  I can assure you.  I look at it every day on my desk and smile.  It makes me think of you and all my beloved MOL friends -- those who have helped change my life and reached my very soul.  Thank you, Nanc, for being you and for being such an angel.  Love, Kathy

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Sent: Wednesday, March 31, 1999 8:25 AM
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Subject: UPdate on Greg....

Hi All Molers,
I though I would just print out this and mail it to all of you, this was Greg
and I (Nanc) sending each other instant messages about 10:00am March 31, 1999.
He is having surgery in the morning about 8:00am, so lets all of us PRAY
together at that time, don't forget, he needs all of our prayers.
Love you all,
 Rocko173:       hi nanc
 NLPOST:         How are you
 NLPOST:         God it's so good to see you 
 Rocko173:       thnaks nice to se you too 
 Rocko173:       how aaare you
 NLPOST:         I mailed you my Oil Lamp, I hope I had the right address
 NLPOST:         I'm doing better and you?
 Rocko173:       you mailedd    an oil lamp? 
 NLPOST:         One of my Crystal electric ones that I designed, it's in my web page
 Rocko173:       iimmm sssick, im having surgery otmorrow on my kidney 
 Rocko173:       woo thanks :) that will be cool 
 NLPOST:         Having it removed?
 Rocko173:       well imm having a procedure called arterial emolization, the
bloodd ssupply will bee cut offff from the tumor hopeefully will help cut offf
the bleeding, i cant have a nephrectomy it woiul d be toooinvasive
 NLPOST:         That's where I sent it
  NLPOST:        What time will this be done
 Rocko173:       8 but i have tob ethere sooner 
 NLPOST:         I wanted to know what time we should all be praying for you
 Rocko173:       so i jsut wanted you   to know i might be off the computer for
sev. daysss 
 NLPOST:         Sarah keeps in touch with me and so does Shona
 Rocko173:       well thansk i really appreeicate d it 
 Rocko173:       oooh ok  
 NLPOST:         I sent Shona a lamp too
 Rocko173:       woow youre so nicee 
 Rocko173:       thnaks for doing thant nanc, that is really nice, i cnat waiit 
 NLPOST:         I'd like to send Sarah one to but I need her address
 NLPOST:         I know you'll love it, and us MOLs call it the light of life
 Rocko173:       well ill aske her if she wnats to give it out  
 Rocko173:       thansk really nice of you
 NLPOST:         Looking into the light you will see all the MOLs that love you
 Rocko173:       woo 
 Rocko173:       wow
 Rocko173:       howw si weeveryone i sent marry an emial yest.  i finally was able
 NLPOST:         It will give you hope that you and we all need
 Rocko173:       thnask
 NLPOST:         Without Gods help I wouldn't have been able to design it, so this is
a very special lamp
 Rocko173:       well i cant wait 
 Rocko173:       hoow isss everyone   with mol
 NLPOST:         Please let me know when you get it, even through Sarah or Shona, OK?
 Rocko173:       ok i will  
 NLPOST:         Angelo died last Friday
 NLPOST:         Mary is doing OK, they had a huge funeral
 Rocko173:       i know my sisiter had tolkd me, i worte mary an email yesterday 
 NLPOST:         he was buried with his hunting suit
 Rocko173:       ok 
 NLPOST:         your not signed onto MOL anymore are you?
 Rocko173:       no
 NLPOST:         I'll forward you Marys Post and any other important ones, OK
 Rocko173:       ok thnaks 
 NLPOST:         Lil is so happy with her PC
 Rocko173:       i liek to get mail but im not on here very much 
 Rocko173:       you og tjy check right? 
 Rocko173:       you got my check?
 NLPOST:         Yes I did and thank you very much.
 Rocko173:       ok good 
 Rocko173:       i maarrty back from his truip yet? 
  NLPOST:        I think Marty will be back this week or next, seems like aroung the
7th rings a bell
 NLPOST:         Frank got back from Texas
 Rocko173:       oh ssya hi to him fo rme ok, and ot kathy, christine, dee all of
 NLPOST:         Well you best keep it then
 Rocko173:       lil too 
 Rocko173:       well i dont know i havent decied if i want aol again, but ill let
you know 
 NLPOST:         Christine has been down in the dumps lately
 Rocko173:       how come 
 NLPOST:         Kathy isn't back on MOL yet, should be in a week
 NLPOST:         Kathy got Buttons back
 Rocko173:       oh good 
 NLPOST:         Christine is just worried about cancer coming back, test time, you
know how that goes, she is talking more again
 Rocko173:       oh ok well i alweasy think about her 
 NLPOST:         I know you do
 Rocko173:       how is carla is she backl 
 NLPOST:         No Carla is not back
 Rocko173:       oh
 NLPOST:         but she posts everyday
 NLPOST:         I have a neat site for you to go look at;
 NLPOST:         I have to go now my sister is wanting to call my mother and this
line is in my mothers room.  Love ya and we'll all be praying for you
tomorrow, all of us MOLs.
 Rocko173:       pachelbels canon 
 Rocko173:       cool 
 Rocko173:       thanks bye nanc
 NLPOST:         You stay relaxed and stay cool we are all here for you.
Love ya, Bye ():-)
 Rocko173:       thansk love you all too 
 NLPOST:         we know you do we can all feel it.