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[MOL] New Book-Male Sexual Secret's

Now any man, regardless of age, can easily learn: 

* To be multi-orgasmic 
* To greatly increase the intensity of his orgasm 
* Triple the length of his orgasm 
* The secrets to penis enlargement 
* Discover the male G-spot 
* To greatly increase semen volume 
* The facts about Viagra, plus new drugs 
* To eliminate premature ejaculation 
* The secrets of getting his partner to want more sex 
* To eliminate impotence at any age 
* To have up to a three hour erection

New, Easy to Read Book on Men's Sexual Secrets 
                   Male Sexual Secret's
          Robert Winter and Jeff Rutgard, M.D. 
This is a great book covering so many little known and 
unknown sexual secret's you'll be amazed.
 If you don't learn something 
new in the first few pages. we'll return your money.

Order today by sending a check or money order for $16.95 
     Avatar Publishing 
     1000	E. Walnut St.   Suite 213 
     Pasadena, CA 91106

Price includes shipping and handling
All orders will be shipped within 72 
hours of receipt of payment

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