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[MOL] Angelo

Well, Angelo was laid to rest today and it was such a beautiful
day here, the temp. was 72degress and not a cloud in the sky.
Yesterday was the viewing and there were over 900 people that
came through the line to see him!!  What a wonderful tribute to
a wonderful man.  There were people standing in line waiting for
up to 2 hours! I was exhausted from standing on my feet  for over
7 hours.

Today was the funeral and it was also unbelievable the amount
of people that showed up.  There were over 50 cars in the
procession.  I got one red rose and one yellow rose from all of
the MOL Angels and it was on a small table near Angelo's
casket.  I truly felt the spirit of Angelo and all of you with
me today.  

It was a very emotional day and I am really  tired but I just
wanted to let everyone know that I'm OK. and that I love you
all and will write more later.  I am going to bed now and will
dream about my darling Angelo with the Angels.

Love ya,
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