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Re: [MOL] Laurie Poole

hi laurie - i'm so glad you found us...there's bound to be someone here who
can answer all your questions better than i, but i just wanted you to know
something - i realize your dad is against chemo, and i don't blame him, but
you have to look at it like this: cancer is ugly and mean and
can't play soft with have to take every thing available to you and go
to war, and i mean fight it down till it is destroyed.
chemo is not an easy path...i have watched my aunt and my grandmother take
chemo and become sick, lose appetite, grow thin, lose hair...but then they
rebound and they have so many drugs to help with the side effects of chemo.
unfortunately, we lost my beautiful aunt to this hideous disease, but until
the last few days, she was up and about, with help...even in the last days the
chemo wasn't able to keep her down.  my grandmother goes shopping for
groceries and haunts the mall like she did years ago.  please don't throw away
the availibility of chemo...take every thing you can and fight...
you and your dad are in my thoughts, and i wish the best for both of you and
your family...
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