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[MOL] CC to the MOL Angles

Thank you all sooooo very much for your rapid replies to my query.  Here's a
bit of encouragement we got today; a copy of what I sent back to the dear
Kathy C. in Idaho!

Thank you, Kathy, so much for your letter!  It really lifted my spirits
about what we as a family will soon face.  I am forwarding it to him and
have suggested he join this group as well.  You're all GREAT!!  The
responses I have received have been WONDERFUL!!  And I only signed up today!
Praise God you're in remission!!  From everything I've read & researched,
you're a walking miracle!  SCLC seems to be the hardest of all to completely
beat...Congratulations!!  You go girl!
This morning's meeting with his oncologist revealed better than we had
previously been told...He said there was a great deal of scar tissue in the
area- too much to tell that the tumor had not responded.  We'll take that
for now.  He referred us to a great Dr. at Emory Univ. Hospital here in
Atlanta, and seemed to help change Pop's mind re. Chemo.  We're all fighters
so we won't go down easily - that's for sure!  We hope to get him into a
Clinical Trial as soon as he gets up here (the next 3-4wks.)
If you ever frequented the Home Depot in Boise, you probably ran into
him...I believe he worked there until the Fall of 1997.  I don't think he
worries too much about loosing his hair - I, too work at Home Depot & told
him I'd be happy to go over to the carpet dept. & get him a nice scrap of
Berber to wear...  It's the nausea, and weak, rung-out feeling I believe he
dreads.  He's been a very hard worker at Depot for a very long
time -averaging 60hr. weeks without missing a beat.  Can you tell me how
long you had to be on the treatments?  Was it IV or pill, or both, and how
long it took you to shake the side effects?
I thank you again for your "chin-up" and sharing your experiences and
success.  It means a great deal.
Your new friend in Atlanta, GA
Laurie Poole

PS. To all...  Is there such a thing as an average time for the
Chemotherapy?  Or does this vary w/ the type?
Thanks bunches!

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