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Re: [MOL] I'm scared/Nita

My friend Sandy is 54 yrs old and about a year ago she discovered she had
cancer in both breasts (2 different kinds) and in a lung (another kind)!  No
symptoms at all.  Her daughter is a new doctor and convinced her to get a
mammorgram -that's how they found it all.

Sandy's cancer has now gone to the brain as well.  Sandy is a fighter, but
every few weeks she tells everyone she is going to die (because she feels so
awful).  A few weeks ago she was at the onco office to get shots the same time
as my Dad.  She could hardly breathe then and the rattliness sounded like me
when I have an asthma attack.  Sandy is in the hosp now because the tumor was
blocking her airway, but she is breathing just fine again and hopefully, the
tumor is shrinking -- again.

I've come to the conclusion that cancer is totally unpredictable - before you
have and when you have it.  But as big as it is, it still isn't bigger than
the Hand or Word of God.

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