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Re: [MOL] Barbara

Dear Gwen:
I just wanted you to know that you and Barbara have been in my prayers and thoughts and I hope she is doing a little better.  Keep the faith and keep strong.  Suggest she read Dr. Bernie Siegel's books "Love, Peace and Healing" and "Love, Medicine and Miracles"..they are both very inspirational and may help lift her spirits...(you too!!)  With love and prayers. Cori.

Gwen Kouts wrote:

 Just a quick update... Barb is still the same I think. Oxygen on 6, but possibly tomorrow she will start responding to antibiotics- they are going to do another xray to check pneumonia.  She is really weak and fighting hard to live. She hasn't told the Dr. that she agrees to a respirator if the need arises.  So I take it that she does not want to be.  She told me, "Well, either I am going to get better or I am going to die". I told her either way  you are going to win Barb. If you get better, we (her family and friends) are going to get to be with you longer, and if you die, you are going to a better place, no sickness, no pain, legs that walk, and lots of beautiful  surroundings.  She agrees. I read her all your letters today and she really enjoyed.  We said a prayer for everyone in the group and their families.  Thank you all.  I pray I will have good news tomorrow.  She can't stay on this oxygen at level 6 too much longer. Gwen