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Hi Joan:  I am glad all went well.  Call me when you are up here.  Good
Luck.  Love June
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> Hi all, We are back, safe and sound in southern Oregon where it is
> snowing (our typical spring). Everyone on Staten Island was wonderful to
> us, and George starts his first treatment on the 8th. Thank heavens we
> got in to university housing--We have been offered a place to stay by
> both June and Barbara, but after renting a car and driving, it would
> actually be more--we decided that it would be best if George was right
> there if a problem occurred. They are going to treat only his big tumor
> in upper right hand lung, and if other numerous nodules grow, they will
> zap them one at a time, meanwhile he will continue with his chemotherapy
> to keep them down. We find out by this Wednesday or Thursday how long we
> will be back there. Because lung tissue is so delicate they will wait
> longer in between treatments.
> We will definitely see Barbara and June while we are there. We were so
> busy all the time we were back there we couldn't even call either on of
> you, thanks June for resending your phone number, I got it when we got
> back. I will send you another email before we leave, and Barb too.
> We are SO HAPPY that Lil is back on line--in style!! We really missed
> you, lady. We were saddened to hear about Angelo's death, our prayers
> are with Mary and her family.
> George accidentally dropped his wallet out of his coat at a restuarant
> on Staten Island, and a group of young kids in their late 20's or so
> told us about it. We would never have seen it otherwise. After I thanked
> them, I told them they just ruined the image of everything you hear
> about New Yorkers. They thought that was pretty funny, and we talked for
> quite a while. Staten Island people are really great, and I would
> definitely recommend the doctors at the hospital to anyone. We were
> assigned Dr. Grossman, a young Russian femal doctor who has been here
> from Moscow about 10 years. She is very thorough, and spend a lot of
> time with us.
> We will keep all of you posted. Our love, and thanks for all your
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