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Hi all, We are back, safe and sound in southern Oregon where it is
snowing (our typical spring). Everyone on Staten Island was wonderful to
us, and George starts his first treatment on the 8th. Thank heavens we
got in to university housing--We have been offered a place to stay by
both June and Barbara, but after renting a car and driving, it would
actually be more--we decided that it would be best if George was right
there if a problem occurred. They are going to treat only his big tumor
in upper right hand lung, and if other numerous nodules grow, they will
zap them one at a time, meanwhile he will continue with his chemotherapy
to keep them down. We find out by this Wednesday or Thursday how long we
will be back there. Because lung tissue is so delicate they will wait
longer in between treatments.

We will definitely see Barbara and June while we are there. We were so
busy all the time we were back there we couldn't even call either on of
you, thanks June for resending your phone number, I got it when we got
back. I will send you another email before we leave, and Barb too.

We are SO HAPPY that Lil is back on line--in style!! We really missed
you, lady. We were saddened to hear about Angelo's death, our prayers
are with Mary and her family.

George accidentally dropped his wallet out of his coat at a restuarant
on Staten Island, and a group of young kids in their late 20's or so
told us about it. We would never have seen it otherwise. After I thanked
them, I told them they just ruined the image of everything you hear
about New Yorkers. They thought that was pretty funny, and we talked for
quite a while. Staten Island people are really great, and I would
definitely recommend the doctors at the hospital to anyone. We were
assigned Dr. Grossman, a young Russian femal doctor who has been here
from Moscow about 10 years. She is very thorough, and spend a lot of
time with us.

We will keep all of you posted. Our love, and thanks for all your
prayers. Joan

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