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[MOL] Laurie Poole

My Dad, age 75, has NSCLC. Orig in both lungs and some nodes.  Smaller new
growths in the rt lung cancer were removed and has not returned, thank God!
He was dx on 8/24/98 and has had been having chemo since Oct. (taxoltier &
carboplatin).  Everything I had read indicated that NSCLC doesn't respond to
chemo, only to radiation so I was very much opposed to the chemo therapy that
he and his doctor chose.  Additionally, my father refused a 2nd opinion, so I
was really terrified.

Though the chemo is pretty hard on him it is WORKING!  There has been no
return of the cancer or spread of it thus far, again THANK GOD!  The larger
primary tumor in the left lung, which was originally the size of a walnut has
shrunk a great deal, so the doctor says.  Also my father's voice has returned;
he lost his voice completely after a bronchioscope last October.

Hope this helps you to consider the option of chemo.

Chris R.
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