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I hope this gets to someone who can tell me how to become part of your
group.  My father-in-law was diagnosed 12/98 w/ NSCLC.  Although Lung
Cancer, it is not in his lung.  It is currently isolated to grape-sized
tumor, somewhat wrapped around his Superior Vena Cava, beside his trachea,
and behind the collar bone.  Considered in-operable.  He has been through
6wks. of radiation (5 days out of the wk.) and is currently experiencing the
effects of radiation poisoning.  The treatment has only reduced the tumor
slightly.  He has been so sick from this, he does NOT want Chemo.  I am
desperately seeking alternatives to Chemo.  I have been all over the Web to
research clinical trials he could possibly join, or some kind of
breakthrough medicine he could cross a border for or something.
Please let me know what has worked for any of you, or ideas we could try.
My husband & I live just north of Atlanta, GA.  My father-in-law will soon
join us here from South Florida, so we can provide family support during all
of this.
Any reply would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much,
Laurie Poole

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