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Re: [MOL] Hi Nanc,I AM BACK

Hi Frank,
 I found your address, the shirt is ready to mail in the morning.  Angelo died
last Friday.  Lil is back on, her PC crashed and we took up a collection for
her, I still need more money to cover everything.  She just loves her new PC.
Kathy will be back online maybe next weekend, or the first on next week.  Greg
is not on anymore and isn't doing very well.  Marty is still gone on his
cruise, I think he is due the first week of April.  We have a couple new
people.  You just think possitive, all the MOLs are still praying for you and
your lucky shirt is on the way to you tomorrow...
addresses you wanted and I'll send a post with all the e-mail addresses that I
Chat room:
Mol Album:    
My web page: 
Love ya,
Nanc ():-)   
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