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Re: [MOL] Angelo and MOL Angels

Title: Angelo and MOL Angels
Forget about you, you should be so lucky !  Glad things are moving along for you friend, having that special time with your family put a smile in your heart and on your face!  I could feel the radiation right through the monitor screen.  Can't wait for you to be back on line.  Your friend, lillian
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Date: Monday, March 29, 1999 2:23 PM
Subject: [MOL] Angelo and MOL Angels

Dear Nanc:  I got your message transmitting Mary's post.  I wasn't shocked, but I was terribly saddened by the news.  I knew he didn't have long.  I felt almost as sorry for Mary as I did for Angelo -- that poor girl has suffered so much for so long.  What a tragedy!  I have a feeling, though, that Mary and her wonderful children are strong enough to endure this with grace and dignity, don't you?  I will pray for them.

Reilly has contacted U.S. West.  Our CD should be here in about five days, and then he can install it.  So, I'll have to be patient a little bit longer.  At least I know it's going to happen now.  I had to wait for him to do it because the telephone is in his name now -- not mine.  This way, I can stay away from some of Jerry's creditors, hopefully, and other people he has apparently ripped off.  He's made a lot of enemies.

I had a fantastic weekend.  My sister and her friend, George, came over from Utah; my parents came over from their little town just east of here, and both my brothers and my oldest brother's wife.  We all got together and went to the garden show in the afternoon at the convention center.  It was fabulous.  Then we went shopping at the Mall.  I hadn't bought anything for so long, it was so much fun.  My sis bought me a new purse, some really neat sunglasses, a new pair of pajamas, and some nice perfume.  It felt like Christmas -- better, in a way, because I was with my entire family.  On Saturday morning, my sweet hairdresser gave me a terrific haircut, and didn't charge me a dime.  He says he doesn't like the gray very much, so he insisted upon coloring my hair for me next Saturday, also for free!  What a doll!  He knows I don't have any money.  I will pay him back, though, as soon as I can.  Saturday night we went to an outstanding Italian restaurant for dinner.  It's called Romano's Macaroni Grill, and I guess there are quite a few of them in the west.  Unlike most chains, however, this place is special.  We had a wonderful meal and an unforgettable evening.  Yesterday, we went to brunch, and then with my parents while they looked at new modular homes.  They're trying to sell the place they have now because it's just too large for them, and the yard is as big as most parks.  It's getting to be too much for Dad to take care of.

In a couple of weeks, I'm flying to Utah to spend four days with my sister.  We have so much fun that I'm really looking forward to it.  I already have my ticket.  My friend, Carl, and his wife, Jan, are coming to spend the weekend with me the weekend of April 9th, and I'm looking forward to that, too.  Although Jan came to see me last year during chemo, I haven't seen Carl in about seven years. 

The divorce should be final in about three weeks, and it either hasn't hit me yet, or I'm much happier without him.  I think it's the latter, and I almost feel guilty for being so relieved.  I hope God and everyone else will forgive me for being so selfish, but life is so much better now! 

Don't stop writing to me just because I'm not online.  I will be shortly, and then you'll all be in for it!  Love, Kathy