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Re: [MOL] Sandi - you are amazing


Thank you so much for your kind words.  I don't think I am any stronger than
you or the other MOLers.  My focus on others needs, I think is what keeps me
from going off the deep end of all the things in my life.  I realize that
there are so many others in this world that have as many, if not more than the
same problems I have to endure. 

Matter of fact I am getting ready to start a visitors program at church to try
to get more youth started.  I do better with children I think and the sick.
Not sure how much time I will have to devote to it but will give it my best.

So glad that Patrick is coming home soon.  I wished my uncle could have went
through the same treatment and done as good.  But his frail little body was
already so weak from life in general.  He had always been sickly his whole
life.  I almost rejoice in one way that I know he is not in any pain or will
he ever be made fun of again.  He earned his entry into Heavens gates.  I miss
him so much though. 

I mailed my check today to Nanc for the computer.  I had pledged 25 but I came
up with 40 instead.  I am so excited she is back on. 

Give Patrick a big hug from my family when he gets home.  I told our sunday
school class about his miracle and we prayed for the thanks to God above. 

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