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Re: [MOL] Nanc!

Hi Sis,
Not this year, I want to spend time with Don and hope to find enough money to
come to see you again, and to take him to his brothers in Texas, who is cancer
free from bladder cancer and Don would love to spend time with him.  I plan on
doing shows next year, when my son is here to pull my 16'ft craft trailer, I
don't have a way to pull it since we had to let the Van go back.  I didn't
work at all last year & Dons SS is 780.00 and retirement is 358.00, and with
the house payment of 608.00, isn't much left after grocierys and utilities, to
save for other things.  We have almost enough to pay for my sisters car.  I
get a few orders here and there that help too.  I am not complaining at all, I
still have my Don a roof, food, heat, and some health, so if we stay home,
that's fine too.  I feel that I am a very lucky gal.  On top of all of that I
have all my Mol Angel Friends and some Mol Angels with wings watching over me,
right?  Now, what more could I reallly need?  My Greatest wish now, would be
to meet all my Mol friends in person.  Don's is for me to be able to do what I
want and to spend time with his brother....
Love ya,
Nanc (:-)

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 Date:	3/29/99 11:43:45 AM Eastern Standard Time
 From: (Lillian)
 Just saw your great web site; boy girlfriend you really have setting up
 sites down pat and I am in awe of your art work.  Love it.  Are you going to
 go back into the show's?  Hope so, love sis.
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