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Re: [MOL] Requesting help/Kathy from Nanc

Hi Kathy L. 
I did the L. cause we have another Kathy here.  You have come to a wonderful
caring, giving, loving,  informative, cancer support group.  You will receive
sometimes and overwelming amount of mail, but is well worth being here.  I am
so sorry to hear about your mother.  Their are many breast cancer people here
that can maybe best answer your questions.  My husband has SCLC and at this
time is cancer free, he was dx'x a year ago March 24th.  He is 73.  Lil will
probably be on later today and answer some of your questions.  While your
waiting you could go and look through our Photo Album, we call ourselves MOL
The address is:  
I have a web site to and the address for that is: 
Love, Hugs & Prayers to you and yours,
Nanc (:-) 
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