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[MOL] Dania, for AOL people, notice..& Melissa Virus......

Thanks Dania,
For your snail mail address.  We might take you up on a nights stay on our way
to Texas next winter, if we get to go.

All of you that have AOL, you know that minute timer that pops up every 10
minutes and you have to quit what your doing or come back from the bathroom to
find you have been shut down,,,Well, go to keyword and type in "quick menu",
leave that on and the 10 minute timer won't come up, but the 45 minute one
will, can't do anything to stop that one.

Also you can go to keyword and type in suggestions, then write to AOL and tell
them you want them to lose the timers, if you are paying unlimited access,
then you should be able to leave it on all the time.

One more thing, on that tinker, you will see the news on the Melissa Virus.

Love ya all,
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