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Re: [MOL] SAVE THIS LIST Update on e-mail addresses/from Nanc

You have this right, all molers help each in their own way....your friend, lillian        -
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Date: Saturday, March 27, 1999 11:58 PM
Subject: Re: [MOL] SAVE THIS LIST Update on e-mail addresses/from Nanc

>Nanc - first, thanks to all the MOL angels who have helped me in my searches
>and questions...i understand that lil is the resident expert, and though i'm
>sorry she was without any computer for awhile and wasn't able to be around to
>help, the rest of you really pitched in and did a terrific job.  i now i my
>hands on a dr. at m.d. anderson (well, not literally) who has prescribed
>thaldomide on a compassionate use basis, and we are in contact to get my
>grandmother to him asap.  i couldn't have done it without everyone's help and
>links and tidbits of information.
>as for your address and phone book update - please feel free to include me...i
>am just in the baby stage of understanding all of this, but i have an open
>heart and an ear for listening, even if i can offer only consolation and a
>glimpse of hope at this point.  i'm on an extended medical leave of absence
>from work, and my husband works nights at a casino, so i am up all hours of
>the night till the sun comes up...if anyone wants to call or e-mail when it
>seems too late to phone anyone else, don't hesitate...collect if you need to -
>i'll be here, unless super wal-mart calls me at 3 am - lol.  my # is (601)
>638-9414 and e-mail is  i owe everyone for their help...if
>i can do anything in return....
>love to all,
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