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Re: [MOL] hodgkin's disease then breast cancer

Karen:  I had uterine cancer (surgericly  removed) 1975, then breast cancer in 1995, mastectomy.  I was placed on Tamoxifen and had a severe allergic reaction to it, went into addidson crisis.  This is a truly wonderful forum, everyone is like family.  So when you see a conversation you feel you would like to join; just jump right in.  Good luck now and I am praying you will meet someone on line that has had both cancers.  Your friend, lillian  -
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>Hi! Lillian, this is my frist time doing e-mail it's great to hear from
>somebody. Still hoping to hear from someone who had Hodgkin's and then
>developed breast cancer from the radiation treatment they recieved. Yes, the
>hodgkin's had been in remission for 13 years then this spring I found a lump
>in my breast. In June I was diagnosed with node-positive breast cancer. They
>really never said what stage, I had to lumps one was 4.4cm. and the other
>2.4cm. with 4 lymph nodes out of twenty cancerous .They both were infiltrating
>ductal carcinoma with lymphatic and vascular invasion. ER/PR negative. I had a
>mastectomy, with a tissue expander. I was then treated with Ac chemotherapy 4
>treatments and then 4 treatments of Taxol. Just started radiation treatments
>on Thrusday March 25th. The plan is five weeks of radition the doctor say's we
>will see after four weeks how everythings going and wiegh the benifits and
>promblems if  I continue. Because this is repeat radiation in some of the
>areas that has already been radiated before, there is more toxicity then
>usually. How are you doing? If you want why don't you tell me a little about
>yourself. From one friend to another, Karen
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