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Re: [MOL] Re: Nanc

The flu one day and gone the next day and back again?  Perhaps you are not on the right meds, that will kill the infection.  This can be serious friend....go get something done about it for all your mol friends.  love, sis --
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Date: Saturday, March 27, 1999 7:27 PM
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>You Silly Sis, (Lil)
>I just haven't been able to kick this upper respority flu, feel better one day
>then yucky the next, and that right eye keeps giving me trouble, even turns
>black and blue, like I ran into a door knob, and then goes back to looking
>right, back and forth, it's just crazy.  I'm great now that your back on
>though.  Don't you be worring about me now, I'll be just fine....
>Love ya,
>Nanc ():-)
>In a message dated 3/27/99 10:16:53 PM Eastern Standard Time,
><< Did you think I would miss where you wrote that you were not feeling so
> well?  WRONG!  What's going on?  Love, lillian >>
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