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[MOL] Gwen SAVE THIS LIST Update on e-mail addresses/from Nanc

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Andruczyk, Greg				gregandruczyk@medmail.com

Appleton, Paula				remember@wmonline.com

Binder, Donna 				donnabind@aol.com	

Boehme, Syliva				sboehme@hondo.k12.tx.us

Bussey	,Corinne				cbussey9@aol.com	

Ewen, Vicci 					vicci@wave.net	

Cunningham, Gail				pkmikec@netusa1.net

Dow, Peg						Lesnpeg@aol.com

Johnson, Jean 				jtjohnson@juno.com

Lee, Claire					clee02@snet.net

Lehner, John 					lehnerj1@juno.com 

Lloyd, Shelia 					tagteam@swbell.net 

Naehring, Carla 				blessu@worldnet.att.net

Sarah							Sarahwburg@hotmail.com	

Sauer, Emmett 				esauer@aeneas.net  
Simonds, Judy 				jud814@aol.com

Silverman, Barbara 			silverb@warwick.net (Barbara Silverman)  

Telesco, Cathy 				cathy.telesco@gartner.com (cathy telesco)

Tilson, Sally 					charliet@flash.net (Charlie T)  

Torie							victoria@best.com  

Ylitalo, Ross 					raylital@mtu.edu	

Wiseman, Doug 				dougwise@mnsi.net  
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Able, Jim						jimbea27@webtv.net (Jim Abel)

Ann				  			Hahatonka@AOL.COM	

Aycock, Sandi  				SandizHere@aol.com  

Address AOL long distance	AOL.LongDistance@online2phone.com

Address, MOL					mol-cancer@lists.meds.com

Address,  Album				http://www.angelfire.com/mi/molers/index.html

Address, MOL Chat			http://paris.aeneas.net/molers.net/molers/

Address, MOL Problems		comcowic@meds.com (contact person) 

Address, MOL Problems		fred@inet911.com

Address, MOL Problems		webmaster@meds.com

Angency for, Hospice 			healing@hospice-cares.com

Ann							Hahatonka@AOL.COM

Argila, June					ARGILA@mail.Telephonics.com

Arms, Patricia					arms@pekin.net

Auslander, Marty & Barb		fitecancer@earthlink.net

Aycock, Sandi					SandizHere@aol.com				

Baisden, Jil & Doug   			baldy2@flash.net   

Baran, Larry        				LarryBaran@mail001.chicago.avenew.com 

Becker-Richards, Joicy		joicy@erols.com

Braud, Marybeth				marybeth815@hotmail.com

Buchholz, Jean				jeanne10@Worldnet.att.net

Burroughs, Wanda			sewfun@bright.net

Cacos, Peter					ethos@concentric.net

Camp, Cindy 					CampCE@AOL.COM	

Cane, Joseph					EASTSPARTN@aol.com

Cerreto, Martha				mjt8@ix.netcom.com (mjt8)

Charlotte						Melody1150@AOL.COM	

Ciaramitaro, Jo 				packnife@tir.com		

Clausen, Claude & Shirley	csclause@uslink.net (Claude & Shirley Clausen)

Cloin, Cathy					CathyCloin1@webtv.net
Corrigan, Kathy				kcorrigan@chgw.com

Crider, Dena J. 				djcri@valkyrie.net	

Cromie, Frank 				fmc@ndak.net (Frank Cromie)	

Davey, Russ 					davey@ses.curtin.edu.au	


DeFoe, Dina					GDeFoe61@aol.com

Diana							LINHILLIS@aol.com

Elizabeth						autumnleaf@home.com

English, Connie & Clark 		cenglish@sunlink.net (E-Mail) 

Ericka							DAntonescu@AOL.COM

Furfaro, Mary					furfaro@hometel.com	

MeGagnon, Beth				MeGagnon@aol.com

Gary							Gary1dory2@AOL.COM		

Goldstein, Nita					nitab@erols.com

Hagerman, Tami 				sewfun@bright.net	

Hanley, Candace				candew@earthlink.net

Harth, Cori						charth@bellsouth.net

Jennings, Lil					firefly@islc.net

Johnson, Jeanne      			jtjohnson@juno.com

Kissinger, Jeanne				jkissing@uvic.ca (james kissinger)

Kouts, Gwen					gwen@donet.com

Kula, Betty 					pitakula@webtv.net 

Laine, Gina					1969SHOVEL@worldnet.att.net

Lake, Lee Anne 				Leelake998@aol.com 

Lake, Steve					GelSpl@aol.com  

Leslie, Kathy					kleslie@strategosnet.com

Lockwood, Kathy 				Hobiekat2@AOL.COM  

Lund, Jean					spacey@wworld.com

Madrona, Lewis Mehl			coyotemd@earthlink.net  

Mahn, Nanette 				muhnchies@montana.com  

Margie							MAM497@aol.com  (margie)   

Mary   							maryr@zianet.com  

McWilliams, Paul 				pj@nb.sympatico.ca   

MeGagnon						MeGagnon@aol.com 

McLaren, Janet				JRMFrost@prodigy.net

McWilliams, Paul				pj@nb.sympatico.ca

Middleton, Pam  				deerfork@chalkbuttes.com 

Montgomery,  Mary Ann 		monty48@erinet.com  

Neill, Jr. Robert W. 			rwneill@rwneill.com (Robert W. Neill, Jr.)  

New, Suzie					susienew@flash.net

Patterson, Elizabeth			eapat@ewa.net

Pulliam, Doris 					doris@sonet.net (Doris Pulliam)

Peter R. Cacos       			ethos@concentric.net  

Postema, Don & Nancy		NLPOST@aol.com

Pozderac, Nisi					DPozderac@AOL.COM

Rosati, Chris  				  	CCR0417@aol.com

Rose							Lefty55000@aol.com  

Rosen, D.						DRosen9524@AOL.COM

Rose, Marianne (Mam)		FEARME@bigpond.com (W & M Rose)  	

Rovai, Cindy 					c1927@go-concepts.com (cindy rovai)  

Runge, Suzanne 				suzanne1@erols.com  

Savis, Joan 					Mrsjoan1@aol.com  

Schenk, Mary					MSchenk539@aol.com 

Serritell, PJ 					PSerritell@aol.com  

Shelly							MCR0720@aol.com

Siller, Jo 						jsiller@bsf.net (j.siller)  

Semin-Falvy, Ben 				ben@uniserve.com	

Simonds, Judy   				JUD814@aol.com  

Sims, Sheila 					SheilaSims@aol.com 

Spicer, Diane 					GotRocks@msn.com  

Stairhime, Diane				reading@bright.net

Stockard, Linda 				ms33@earthlink.net  

Suzanne						susienew@flash.net  

Thorn, Sandy 					SThorn4263@aol.com		

Tkol0908@AOL.COM     		Tkol0908@AOL.COM  

Tomajko, Wendy				WPTomajko@aol.com   

Tomaszewski, Randy			randtomaszewski@sprintmail.com  

Townsend, Erik 				etowns@inreach.com (Erik Townsend)  

Turner, Shirley 				Shirley.Turner@axom.com  

Virginia, Suzanne 			suzanne1@erols.com	

Walker, Sonya 				sonya_86@yahoo.com	  

Walter, Bruce & Tracy 		Btwalter@concentric.net	

Wanda							IcePrncesz@AOL.COM	

White, Christine   				christine.white@sympatico.ca  

White, Ralph					RALPHWHITE@AOL.COM	

Wilcott, Caroline 				cadawil@cancom.net  

Wilder, Elaine 				elaine.wilder@gte.net	

Williams, Dee 					dee@gibralter.net (Dee Williams)  

Zaiger, Joan					zaiger@cdsnet.net



---- Begin included message ----
Hi Nanc-
I would like a list of names and addresses.

thank you a bunch!

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To: mol-cancer@lists.meds.com <mol-cancer@lists.meds.com>
Date: Saturday, March 27, 1999 8:42 PM
Subject: Re: [MOL] SAVE THIS LIST Update on e-mail addresses/from Nanc

>You are very welcome Joicy,
>I though it would come in handy for some one that crashes....LOL  or if
>server ever goes down, that happened to me before and Iost all my
>so I told myself to save them in many places so that wouldnot happen to me
>again.  So I did it for me and then put them together so I could send them
>all of you.  I am getting a list together now that consists of addresses
>phone numbers as well as the e-mail address, so if anyone has word and
wants a
>copy just let me know.
>Love ya,
>Nanc (:-)
>In a message dated 3/27/99 6:46:21 PM Eastern Standard Time,
><< Nanc, thank you! What a lot of trouble you have gone to in geting this
> list together. I'm sure i am not the only one who appreciates it! Love
> ot you and your Don, Joicy >>
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