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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hi Everybody,

Just keeping my "thoughts for today" on the light side today.  Perhaps
you had a busy stress filled week.  I wouldn't want to burden you with
some long intense thoughts to ponder today.  Here are the ones I chose.

	Everyone has a photographic memory.  Some people just don't
	have any film.

	We all have a perfect memory.  It's *recall* we have trouble

Ever felt that way?  I know I sure have.  Sometimes it's the simplest
things that are difficult to remember, and we may even let it drive us
nuts.  Why do we do that?

God Bless,

P. S. Actually my commentary was a lot longer, but then I remembered I
said I was going to keep it light today.  So, I'll just save the rest
for another time.
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