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RE: [MOL] prostrate cancer treatments? - Kathy N.

Hi Kathy:  Two men from my job had prostate cancer.  They both went to
Staten Island Hosp. and had the seeds implanted and then radiation.  One is
cancer free for 5 years, the other 2 years.  If you have any questions, my
email is

Your friend June A.

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> Hello,
>     About three weeks I signed on and asked for information about
> prostrate cancer for my dad.  Now I have more information and would like
> to get your opinion on the different treatments.  From the biopsy, they
> found two tumors (a 2.2 and 2.4) and the psa test was 6.4   They told him
> it was a low-grade cancer.  
> The doctor told him about four options, surgery to remove prostrate,
> implant some type of radiation seeds, or regular radiation or
> cryosurgery.  What are your feelings about these treatments?  His doctor
> told him to think about it and talk to other people who have had it before
> he makes a decision.    Should he get another opinion, this is his
> urologist that gave him this information.  Should he ask his doctor to
> recommend an oncologist?  
> My dad is 70 years old, goes to the doctor regularly, has high blood
> pressure and had angioplasty done, and is a big worrier.
> Thank you so much for any information you can give from your experiences. 
> You all sound like wonderful and supportive people.    Thanks again.      
> Kathy N.   
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