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[MOL] Re: Help/Thankyou Hotmessenger.........

Thank you for your letter of help.  I just wanted to to know that by accident
I did find the Buddie list window.  I was typing a test to go to another
member and all of a sudden there was the Buddy list at the bottom of the
message screen.  Thank you for your fast answer.
Nanc (:-)

In a message dated 3/22/99 12:35:07 PM Eastern Standard Time, lpaul@aztech.com

<< Subj:	 Re: Help
 Date:	3/22/99 12:35:07 PM Eastern Standard Time
 From:	lpaul@aztech.com (Laura Paul)
 To:	NLPOST@aol.com
 Thank you for your support.
 While the Hot Messenger site has been online, in beta test mode, the
 feedback and suggestions from our members has proven very valuable in
 helping us identify the bugs in the system, and in assisting us in making
 the site unlike any other on the World Wide Web. 
 We wish to thank you for your comments, criticisms and suggestions. Please
 understand that while we are answering as many emails as we can, some are
 going unanswered. They are not unread or ignored. The Hot Messenger Team
 has been working around the clock to recreate any problems that you have
 addressed and are working to find solutions for them. 
 Within the next two weeks, Hot Messenger will have a brand new look, both
 for Web TV users and PC users and will have addressed most of the problems.
 We have exciting new things in store for our members and we are sure you
 will love the new features and advancements we have made. 
 We thank you for your patience and understanding while we continue to work
 on the site. 
 Please keep checking back to see the new improvements and additions to the
 site. And also, please keep your suggestions coming. Thanks once again for
 your patience and happy chatting.
 The Hot Messenger Team.
 At 10:05 AM 3/22/99 EST, you wrote:
 >Several of us from the MOL Cancer Forum have tried to use your hotmessenger:
 ># 1.  It is so slow.
 ># 2.  Can't figure out how to add a buddie list.
 ># 3.  Can't figure out how to ust the chat room.
 >Maybe better instructions would help.
 >We're are getting to the point of giving up.
 >I can help the rest of them,  if you can help me figure all this out.
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