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[MOL] "thoughts for today"

Hello Everyone,

Hope your weekend was enjoyable.  Well, it is finally Spring, at least
by the calendar it is.  You could have fooled me, though.  Here in
Michigan it's cold, windy, and we even had a few snow flakes that
descended upon us.  That's OK, I still feel better knowing that at least
most of the winter-type weather is behind us.  Here are my "thoughts for

	An eminent doctor in Chicago denies that spring fever is
	incurable.  The trouble he says is that it's impossible to
	find a patient who wants to be cured from it.

	Nature must have a sense of humor to let spring fever and
	house cleaning come at the same time.

I'm one of those people who is just itching to get outdoors as soon as
the weather gets nice.  However, it is just a bit stressful for me,
because it is also the time my house reeeeeealy needs a good cleaning. 
So, the choice to be made sits squarely before me.  If I choose to go
outdoors, then I feel guilty that I'm not doing my housecleaning.  If I
choose the housecleaning, then I feel sorry for myself, because I have
all that work to do when I'd rather be outside enjoying the nice
weather.  I think this year I will try a little more of a balance.  Some
housecleaning and some R&R outdoors.  Maybe I can have the best of both
world, OK, maybe not the *best* of both worlds, but at least *some* of
both worlds.  That will just have to do.  I guess a little attitude
adjustment wouln't hurt either!  :)

God Bless,
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