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Re: [MOL] Taxol and Carboplatin - Joan

In a message dated 3/20/99 6:25:48 PM Eastern Standard Time, NLPOST@AOL.COM

> Hi Gwen,
>  Tell Barb, not to be asking God what she wants from him, tell her I said to
>  tell him, not ask, someone told me to do it this way and it has been
>  I guess he doesn't like beggers.  You don't have to bargin with him either,
>  just palin out tell him what you want him to do for you.  I am praying for 
> him
>  to heal her NOW.
>  Tell her I said Hi.
>  Lovs, Hugs & Prayers to you and Barb,
>  Nanc (:-)
I'd like to add to this some thoughts. 

It's true that we don't have to beg God, but asking Him is fine. The important
part is that we have to accept that He has heard us and answered.  And the
hard part is accepting whatever His answer is -- and understanding it!  I was
told that the Pope prays for what he wants by asking the Lord's permission to
have it -- or to do it!  Then he goes about his business (or his plan) and
accepts what comes as the Lord's answer.  A book I read, "Power In Praise"
(phenominal!) by Merlin Carothers states that God *abides* in the praises of
His children.  He says that if we ask, accept, and offer thanks for what we
WILL receive, we have already gotten it.  Many Catholic Saints followed this
My 2 cents worth.
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