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[MOL] Cancer Questions

I finally got a chance to tell my friend, Sandy about Mol.  She doesn't have a
computer so she can't access this but I agreed to tell you about her and when
I see her next Saturday (every Sat.) I will take some of your responses to

Sandy has SCLC in her breast, lungs, and brain.  She has had no surgery as the
areas are too dangerous to operate on so she has had chemo and radiation for
about a year now.

She said she started with Taxoltier & Carboplatin (like my Dad) and is now on
VEPESID (a pill) 1x daily 50mg.  

Sandy does not believe she will make it.  She's had a hard fight all the way,
but she is hanging in there.  She looks well though she feels weak and tired.
She eats well and doesn't suffer from the nausea that my Dad has.  

Her husband is planning to take her to a hospital in Texas for a clinical
trial that will cost her $15,000 soon.  Can't think of the name of the hosp
now -- not in Houston...

Any feedback would be welcome.  I will take your responses with me to Sandy
next week.  I know she would love to hear some personal bios of people who
have and have had SCLC.

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